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RPA, also known as robotic process automation, is a process that allows the elimination of repetitive and rule-based tasks through automation. RPA software engages bots that mimic human interaction and complete their assigned tasks. Predefined rules and instructions are programmed into the bot to optimize its automation capacities fully.

Due to the constantly evolving digital world, business operations from a wide range of industries are now utilizing RPA automation to increase productivity, prioritize tasks, reduce operation costs, and enhance scalability. Through RPA and its extensions like artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., more than 300 million jobs can be automated.

For instance, many organizations already utilize the recently released Chat GPT to free their workforce from the burden of mundane tasks.

If you are also looking to utilize RPA functionalities and automation software to improve your employee experience, you are at the right place. Mentioned below is a comprehensive guide to popular RPA tools and platforms.

RPA Tools and Platforms

1. Blue Prism

Blue Prism is a robotic process automation software best suited for medium and large-sized businesses. It is trendy for its robust and flexible features, which allow organizations to optimize their business operations.

Additionally, Blue Prism is known for having an active and vibrant user community. The users can share their experiences and ask queries on this community platform.


  • A ‘visual designer’ allows users to create personalized automation workflows through the drag-and-drop interface.
  • A ‘control room’ to access and manage all the software functionalities from a common dashboard.
  • A ‘blue prism studio’ to create, test, and analyze the new and existing automation processes.
  • Extended capabilities to integrate with other applications and systems.
  • Availability of a multi-environment deployment model.
  • A multitasking software that assigns ‘digital worker’ bots to execute and optimize all business processes.


$15,000 to $18,000 annual subscription fee.

2. Uipath

UiPath is known to be the most user-friendly robotic automation process software. It can handle complex automation processes but can be easily used by beginners and non-developers.

Like Blue Prism, UiPath also offers a community edition where users can learn from each other and practice their automation skills. Customer service has also been rated highly, which allows users to enhance their decision-making and provide service expertise to their customers.


  • It can be hosted virtually from multiple cloud environments simultaneously.
  • Offers a highly advanced and accurate scraping solution that integrates easily with Java, Flash, PDF, SAP, Legacy, and many others.
  • It can be integrated with highly advanced services and platforms like Google Drive, Outlook, Jira, Dropbox, ChatGPT, etc.
  • Allows you to deploy ‘OpenAI Connector’ to generate automated texts for sales, marketing, social media, and more.
  • A customer portal which a huge knowledge base to solve all your automation-related queries.


Contact UiPath at their official website for pricing details.

3. Pega

Pega was introduced in 1983, and it has continued to solve the automation problems of mid-sized and big enterprises since then. It is highly popular in IT services and banking due to its advanced AI-powered decision-making.

One major highlight of Pega is its collaboration features which allow users to build an extensive internal and external communication network. It is an open network and does not require deep knowledge of programming skills to utilize it fully. The community edition is free and can handle complex automation tasks without delays.


  • ­A centralized database for easy execution and deployment of automation bots.
  • Offers a very advanced cloud-based solution where everything is stored in the memory instead of the database.
  • A work distribution feature through which you can appoint specific tasks to the desktop, server, and employees.
  • Works efficiently on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Contact Pega at their official website for pricing details.

4. Automation Anywhere

In the RPA space, Automation Anywhere is currently ranked in the top three. It combines conventional RPA capabilities with modern-day functionalities, allowing businesses and organizations to indulge in intelligent automation.

With Automation Anywhere, you can expand your business ecosystem and unleash its true potential through multiple integrations like ChatGPT, Workday, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Genesys, and many more.


  • A well-distributed architecture with a central ‘control room’ through which numerous bots can run parallelly.
  • Highly advanced bank-grade security with tools like credential login, encryption, authentication, and more.
  • A ‘bot farm’ from where you can deploy bots anywhere from the world server through the click of a single button.
  • ‘Bot insight’ allows you to test and visualize your bot and automation performance.


Contact Automation Anywhere through their official website for pricing details.

5. Hurix Digital

Hurix Digital offers numerous automation functionalities along with other digital tools and technologies to make RPA for business automation easier and more accessible for you. Some of its trusted customers are Ikea, FedEx, Cambridge University Press, Delloite, Global Green Growth Institute, and Cathay Pacific.

Additionally, HurixDigital is extremely popular for providing automation in the publishing industry. Publishers constantly look for automated processes to increase profitability, enhance the reader experience, and accelerate production.


  • Use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital transformative solutions to enhance robotic process automation.
  • 24/7 on-demand customer care and service support to ensure a seamless customer experience and productivity.
  • Use of heterogeneous technologies to automate rule-based tasks based on customer requirements and area of work.
  • A vast resource base and ecosystem to help and smoothen the RPA journey for the customer and the IT team.


Contact Hurix Digital through their official website for pricing details

Comparative Table for RPA Tools

RPA Software Ease of Customization Security Pricing   Productivity Architecture
Blue Prism Straightforward Moderate Moderate High Client-server
UiPath Moderate Moderate High Moderate Web-based
Pega Moderate High Moderate Moderate Web-based
Automation Anywhere Difficult Minimal High High Client-server
HurixDigital StraightForward High Moderate High Web-based

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It is important to keep in mind that robotic process automation (RPA) is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Numerous tools and platforms are continually being introduced in the market. It can be very difficult to select one from the various options available. If you require highly robust RPA automation tools and software, you can contact us at Hurix Digital.

We are well known globally for providing highly advanced digital services. We can address all your RPA needs and requirements. Reach out to our expert team now and get started. Hope to see you soon!