This blog provides you with four ways to engage with subject matter experts for content creation. By working with subject matter experts, you can leverage their knowledge and expertise to create compelling content that can help you achieve your content creation goals.

Producing high-impact content is an intricate process that starts with content creation. What many do not recognize is the crucial role subject matter experts or SMEs play in helping develop valuable SME content.

SMEs have specialized knowledge and expertise that can play a significant role in meeting your content creation goals. To achieve this objective, collaborating with SMEs and working towards effective content transformation is a must.

This blog reveals the best practices for transforming SME knowledge into high-impact content.   

Table of Contents:

What Is a Subject Matter Expert?

A subject matter expert (SME) is a person who possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of a specific topic or subject area.

The comprehensive knowledge of an SME in a particular subject matter makes them an authority on a specific topic or a subject area.  

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How Can Subject Matter Experts Contribute to Content Creation?

Subject matter experts can help maximize your potential to create high-quality content in a specific subject area.

Due to their expertise in a field, SMEs can provide unique insights that may not come from an average practitioner. When it comes to content creation, SMEs can provide guidance, resolve doubts, and help you to make informed decisions.

Most importantly, you can collaborate with a subject matter expert consultant to ensure the quality and accuracy of your work.

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Four Best Practices to Transform SME Knowledge into Valuable Content

Collaborating with the right SME expert can mean the difference between creating average content and high-quality content. To leverage your collaboration, you need to transform SME knowledge into compelling content that can deliver value to your prospects.

For effective transformation, you need to incorporate the right steps into your content creation strategies. Here are the best practices that can help you transform SME knowledge into high-impact content efficiently:

1. Define Your Content Goal and Provide a Head Start to Your SMEs

The first thing to do is to establish your content creation goals. Having a clear idea about your content goals is essential for successful collaboration with your SMEs. It will help you to outline what you want from them to achieve your goals.

Once you do this, share your content objectives with your SMEs. This will help them to align their contributions with your goals.

Next, give a head start to your subject matter experts about the content you want. If possible, create a first draft and ask your SMEs to review it. This will save them the effort to create content from scratch.

Your SMEs can elevate the content by making necessary edits and offering suggestions based on their expert knowledge. This will help you to improve the quality of your content.

At the same time, it will enable you to ensure that the content is accurate.

2. Set up Clear and Consistent Communication Channels

Communication is a key aspect of collaborating with subject matter experts. If you have communication barriers, it may get difficult for you to access SME knowledge and transform it into valuable content.  

You need to establish clear communication channels with your SMEs. This is essential for communicating all relevant information about your content objectives. Such relevant information can include your content requirements, time limits, revisions, feedback, and more.

Ensure that the communication channel you select is preferred by your SME as well. You can choose from the various available options. These include chat, email, video calls, content management systems, project management software, etc.   

You can also opt for face-to-face conversations with your SME. This will make it easier for you to convey your requirements and seek answers to follow-up questions.

3. Provide Constructive Feedback and Express Appreciation

Developing a feedback culture is another essential aspect of the content creation process. By providing feedback, you can pave the way for enhancing the quality of your content.

This, in turn, can help to increase the effectiveness or impact of your content.

If you skip providing feedback, it can cause misunderstanding and frustration. So, make it a point to provide constructive feedback to your SMEs. Try to be objective in your remarks and use positive language while expressing your comments.

Also, remember that everyone wants to be respected for their hard work, and SMEs are no different either. When you appreciate your technical subject matter experts, you convey that their work is important to you. This gesture can make them feel valued.

Further, such appreciation can make your SMEs more responsive to your requests in the future.

4. Make Use of Existing Content by Your SMEs

Sometimes, an SME may not have the time to collaborate with you and deliver the required content. It can also happen that you do not have the time to interview and engage with the SME to create content. In both cases, there is a way out.

You can look for existing content by the SME and repurpose it. The existing content can be in any form, such as a webinar, blog post, video, whitepaper, etc. You can start by taking notes from these sources and then using the knowledge to create your content.

Remember that the aim is to derive maximum mileage from the existing content. But make sure to repurpose the content in a different format.    

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Subject matter experts can provide a unique perspective on a particular topic. They can help you with your content creation strategies. The points mentioned above can guide you in this aspect. However, it is important to note that to create high-impact content, you need to collaborate with the right SME.

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