How to Create Digital Courseware for Higher Education

How to Create Digital Courseware for Higher Education

Creating effective digital courseware is becoming increasingly crucial for higher education institutions as the demand for remote and online learning continues to grow. With over 65% of faculty worldwide now supporting some form of eLearning, it’s essential for universities and colleges to develop high-quality digital learning experiences.

We’ve created a comprehensive how-to guide to help higher education institutions understand the process of developing digital courseware. This guide provides valuable insights on creating engaging, accessible, and effective digital learning materials that meet the needs of today’s students.

Our how-to guide covers key topics including:

  • The evolving scope of digital courseware
  • How to identify student needs and involve them in the process
  • Connecting learning goals with courseware design
  • Making courseware highly accessible and collaborative
  • Training faculty and gathering feedback
  • Considering infrastructure needs
  • Seeking expert guidance and testing your courseware

Download this how-to guide to learn best practices for creating digital courseware that enhances the learning experience and improves outcomes for your students in higher education.