How to Convert to Flash-based Content to HTML5

How to Convert to Flash-based Content to HTML5

With Flash out of the picture, what will online content developers do next to create interactive digital content? The end of Flash was long anticipated, and now that the time is here, organizations are trying to get all their Flash-based content converted to the current best available choice – HTML5.

Why HTML5?

Because it’s better, secure, device-agnostic and much more advanced than Flash. You will find detailed insights on why Flash is being replaced with HTML5 in this ebook. When you convert Flash-based content into HTML5, you make it mobile-ready and more responsive, thus providing an enhanced user experience. This ebook has been created to help enterprises understand the need for content transformation, and how to go about it.

Highlights of the how-to-guide:

  • Why is Flash support  being discontinued in 2020
  • Benefits of converting Flash-based content to HTML5
  • Steps to convert your content from Flash to HTML5
  • Best content authoring tools for Flash to HTML5 conversion

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