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Imagine this: you dream up a brilliant new course concept that could revolutionize your curriculum. But then reality sets in – endless curriculum committees, the pressure to launch yesterday, and enough development work to make your head spin.

Let’s face it, these days, revenue pressure, learner expectations and competition can feel like running a marathon in flip flops.
But what if you could launch a brand new, in-demand course – in just 3 months?

Here's the Magic We Bring to the Table

Curriculum Ninjas

Our instructional design experts craft courses that are not only informative but downright captivating. (Think less textbook snooze-fest, more interactive learning adventures!)

Content Conjurers

Subject matter experts? Check. Engaging multimedia? Double-check. We’ll weave together the perfect blend of content to keep your students glued to the screen (or textbook!).

Speed Demons

(But the Good Kind)

We don’t dawdle. We hustle. Speed and quality both are a given when you partner with us.
We’re course development rockstars in North America, and we’re ready to bring the magic to your university.

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