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Cloud Managed Services

Ensure a highly available, scalable, resilient and secure IT environment

Empowering Solutions

Manage proactive, robust end to end IT operations


Proactive Monitoring


Preventive maintenance of all technology stacks


Change management around technology stack


Technology Life Cycle management to keep each component up to date as per the changes in the technology marketplace


Incident & Problem Management


On demand Support

How do we help enterprises?

Hurix managed services ensure a highly available, scalable, resilient, and secure IT environment by a robust proactive, predictive, and preventive end to end IT operations management. To meet this commitment managed services team consistently executes the below tasks:
  • Collaborate with your IT stakeholders
  • Onboard your system on managed services instrumentation and processes
  • Operate your IT environment at Managed Services
  • Plan and execute the continual improvement initiatives
Proactive Monitoring
Préventive Maintenance
Change Management
Technologies Life Cycle Management
Incident & Problem Management
On demand Support