WCAG – The Road to Making Businesses Accessible

WCAG – The Road to Making Businesses Accessible

With internet being an ubiquitous presence around us, it is imperative that it is accessible too, without any form of discrimination. Everyone must have equal access to technology, irrespective of their limitations and disabilities. It is this requirement that brought laws, acts and guidelines such as Section 508, ADA and WCAG into the picture.

All these laws concerning accessibility basically have the same goal- to make digital technology and information accessible to people with disabilities.

We have created this white paper to help you gain clarity on the different laws and guidelines governing accessibility, and understand how to implement web accessibility compliance in your organization.

This white paper will give you insights on:

Why is it important to have an accessible website?
WCAG litigations
Why do enterprises need to be WCAG compliant?
How can enterprises ensure WCAG compliance?
WCAG’s 4 principles of accessibility
How can enterprises make their website accessible?
Download this white paper to know more about WCAG 2.1 and how you can make your digital content accessible.

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