Impact of the Digital Ecosystem on Educational Institutions

Impact of the Digital Ecosystem on Educational Institutions

Like every industry, education is going through a digital transformation. Over the last few years, the digital ecosystem around education has grown significantly. The online education market in the USA is expected to reach $319.167 billion by 2025.

Various factors, like the ease of learning and convenience, are pushing the adoption of technology in education. Countless EdTech companies and technology providers have come in to fill the gap for digital transformation. They are collaborating with institutions to offer more affordable and accessible learning models to students.

Today, there is a massive digital ecosystem around education that includes tools and software for content creation and delivery, virtual interactions, online assignments and more. This white paper helps you understand the effects of digitalization in the education industry.

Highlights of the Whitepaper:

  • Effect of digital transformation in education
  • Increased instructor involvement
  • How technology makes scaling easy
  • Challenges to the growth of education in the digital world
  • How to maintain technological standards

Download the white paper to know more about how the digital ecosystem impacts educational institutions.

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