Creating a New Gold Standard in Quality Assurance

Creating a New Gold Standard in Quality Assurance

Consumer retention is of paramount importance to any company. In order to retain your consumers, you need to provide them high-quality products and services.

In this day and age, it is essential to offer the absolute best to your customer or risk losing them in a surprisingly short amount of time. The challenge then lies in keeping your customers happy through innovation, upgrades and quality focus.

A large part of these problems can be solved by having an efficient Quality Assurance team in place. Rather than merely finding out the product flaws, the QA team also focuses on improving the process flow. Quality assurance testing is vital to the software industry. And that is why enterprises are ramping up QA efforts throughout development cycles.

At Hurix, we use QA for wholesome testing, including QC and internal process compliance. Quality Assurance testing of content, eBooks, design, software and mobile apps are all very demanding and tedious jobs. The trick is to get it right the first time during the initial delivery at what we refer to as alpha-delivery.

This article focuses on –

The Benefits of Agile Technology
The QA Testing Approach
The Testing Process
The Need for a New Standard
Getting it Right the First Time
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