How to Design Learning Paths for Employee Training & Development

How to Design Learning Paths for Employee Training & Development

Employees, today, want absolute freedom while taking up training and expect the programs to be designed to suit their unique learning styles. And learning paths offer a great deal of immersive learning experience. A learning path is a learner-centric sequenced route that structures your training content, emphasizes the goals, preferences, and the learning objectives of employees.

We have created a how-to-guide to help you understand how learning paths can be used in employee training. Not only does it give employees an opportunity to enhance their skillsets, but also helps companies to build a conducive eLearning culture that views upskilling as a continuous and essential process.

This how-to guide will give you insights on-

  • The Types of Learning Paths
  • Benefits of Learning Paths
  • How to Design Learning Paths for Effective Training
  • How to Leverage Learning Paths to Improve Employee Productivity

Download the how-to-guide to learn more about learning paths and how you can leverage it to improve the employee learning experience.