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AI-Powered Copyediting Tools: Exploring the Latest Innovations

AI-Powered Copyediting Tools: Exploring the Latest Innovations

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With the advancement in digital tools and technologies, the concept of AI-powered copyediting is well accepted in the publishing industry. AI systems utilize the latest technological systems like machine learning and natural language processing to edit a written piece of content.

Just like human editors, AI copyediting can check various elements of content like grammar, syntax, spelling & punctuation, plagiarism, and much more.

There have been numerous debates regarding the ethical use of AI in the publishing industry. The resolution of these debates lies in the balanced use of AI-powered copyediting tools. Human editors are indeed limited in their editing capacity and speed compared to AI tools, but AI also lacks the contextual understanding of a human.

Consequently, a more holistic and collaborative approach between human editors and AI can leverage the strengths of both collaborators without flouting any ethical and moral rules.

We have carefully curated a list of the top 6 AI-driven language editing tools to increase your efficiency while preserving human expertise in copyediting.

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Top 6 AI-Powered Copyediting Tools

1. Jasper

Jasper is a powerfully created AI tool that allows copywriters and copyeditors to do their job five times faster. It can aid in writing and editing content like blog articles, social media posts, newsletters, marketing emails, review articles, and more. Additionally, it is available in more than 30 languages, making it easier for writers and editors to work with a language in which they have little or no proficiency.

It is suitable for both professional creators and beginners due to its affordable pricing and wide functionality. The basic subscription plan starts at $49/month if paid monthly and $39/month if paid annually.


  • Search engine optimization
  • Paraphrasing and rephrasing
  • 30+ language support
  • Browser extension
  • Language Translation

2. Rytr

This platform is a trusted choice for more than 6,500,000 copywriters, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Depending on the creator’s needs, it is designed to curate both short-form and long-form content. One major highlight of Rytr is its editing services right on the platform, saving the editor from the hassle of copying the content to a different platform.

Rytr has a free plan that can generate up to 10,000 characters per month with a built-in plagiarism checker. The paid plans start from $9/month and can go up to $29/month. The unlimited plan can generate unlimited characters per month and additional features like a dedicated account manager and priority email & chat support.


  • 30+ language support
  • 18+ writing tones
  • 20+ use cases
  • Six creativity levels
  • Paraphrasing and rephrasing
  • Readability meter check
  • Image generation
  • Browser extension


With over 90+ tools and templates, helps creators write and edit content in minutes. To create and edit with, all you have to do is enter your project, provide the platform with some context on the points you want to be covered, and then let the AI generator work for you. Lastly, you can also edit, polish, and publish with the platform.

Due to its professional-level proficiency, it has a trusted customer base of famous brands like Microsoft, eBay, Nestle, and Ogilvy. It comes in a free and pro plan of $36/month with unlimited word generation capacity.


  • Free writing templates
  • 29+ languages
  • Enterprise-level data security
  • Free Demo
  • Vast resource base

4. QuillBot

Quillbot is a trusted partner of many copyeditors for its copyediting services, easy access, and exceptional rephrasing capabilities. Unlike other AI platforms, Quillbot does not create content. However, it rephrases content in creative ways. Editors can also choose the tone and fluency of the desired rephrased content.

Additionally, it is available in four English dialects, US, UK, CA, and AU. It is trusted by more than 50+ million users worldwide and helps writers and editors save 75% of time spent on a project.

It comes in a free plan, and the subscription plan starts at $9.95/month if paid monthly and $4.17/month if paid annually.


  • Summarizer
  • Citation generator
  • Translator
  • Extension for Chrome, Word, and MacOS
  • 24/7 help center
  • Free demo and payment refund policy

5. OwlyWriter  

OwlyWriter is an automated proofreading and copyediting AI tool that is highly appreciated for creating engaging social media posts. If you want to write and edit posts, provide a brief prompt, select a tone, and let the platform do a job for you.

You can also utilize the platform to brainstorm posts and caption ideas quickly. Some of the trusted customers of OwlyWriter are Dominos, Ikea, the University of Chicago, the World Health Organization, Allianz, etc.

Beginners may find OwlyWriter a little pricey, with its plan starting at $99/month. For enterprise and professional pricing plans, you can contact OwlyWriter to get a quote.


  • Linkdeln post generator
  • Hashtag generator
  • Free trial and demo
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Network integrations

6. Hurix Digital

Hurix Digital is another platform that can fulfill all your AI-driven language editing needs. It can help you optimize all your written content with a few clicks. With seamless integration, you can integrate it with multiple other work tools.

Along with AI-powered copyediting expertise, Hurix Digital is known globally for providing many other digital services like digital content solutions, digital content transformation, and digital engineering. Some of our trusted clients are Deloitte, Ikea, Cambridge University Press, Cathay Pacific, and many more.

It is suitable for beginner and professional creators due to its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing. You can contact the expert team to get a custom-made pricing plan.


  • Free trial and demo
  • ePUB conversion
  • Accessibility solutions
  • Pre-press and editorial services
  • Vast knowledge base
  • 24/7 customer care service

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In Conclusion

These platforms follow the latest advancements in AI copyediting and would be highly beneficial for you. Through their wide-ranging features and functionality, they won’t just allow you to improve your copyediting skills but also enhance your overall productivity.

Additionally, all these platforms are undergoing constant changes and improvement, allowing you to cater to your customers in the best way possible. With time and technological advancement, they will become more adept at understanding your commands and refining the output. If you haven’t started using artificial intelligence in copyediting, now is the right time.

Contact our Hurix Digital expert team to get started and book a free demo.