Online tutoring is a rapidly growing industry, with the global market being valued at 9.68 billion dollars in 2023. The potential is huge and still untapped, with further growth estimated at 17.2 billion dollars in 2027.

Despite the plethora of online educational tools, we still lack a truly personalized learning experience. This is because most online education solutions rely on pre-determined educational paths that lack individualization and don’t account for past performance. Enter AI-driven online tutoring!

Personalized, effective, and scalable education is the way of the future. We live in the age of automation. From self-driving cars to artificial neural networks, the world is experiencing a technological renaissance — powered by artificial intelligence (AI).  

Hence, an AI-powered learning platform is the solution to many of the problems facing traditional education.

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The Evolution of AI-Driven Online Tutoring for Higher Education Students

Tutoring is one of the oldest professions in human history. It has served as a source of income for people who have knowledge or skills to share with others and has been particularly useful for bridging the divide between skill development and formal education.

However, as technology advances, so does our understanding of human anatomy and physiology. This knowledge can be used to create AI systems capable of providing personalized tutoring services at scale while maintaining high-quality standards. 

A new form of online tutoring is gaining momentum: AI-driven online tutoring. This approach uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide personalized learning experiences for students across the globe at scale. 

Unlike traditional education models, AI-driven online tutors can provide a variety of curricula with different learning styles and content areas. And since they don’t have physical limitations as humans do, they can offer this material 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

It’s no wonder that companies are investing heavily in this technology!

How Does AI-Driven Tutoring for K-12 Students Help in the Educational Sector?

A recent study revealed that AI-driven tutoring services are increasingly being adopted by schools across the globe. It helps teachers deliver customized lessons and reduces their workload significantly.

In addition, it also improves student engagement and retention rates as they can interact with intelligent tutors anytime and anywhere. AI-driven online tutoring services are a win-win for teachers, students and parents:


AI-driven online tutoring services can help K-12 teachers in several ways. Teachers can use AI to design personalized learning plans for each student. They can also use AI to track individual student’s progress and provide them with feedback based on their performance.

For example, if a student is struggling with algebra, an AI tutor may recommend that he/she go through certain videos or practice problems before the next lesson. In this way, AI can help teachers streamline their lessons and make sure that all students are on track with their studies.


AI-driven online tutoring services are also beneficial for students because they allow them to access quality online education from anywhere in the world at any time at an affordable price point.

For example, if a student wants to learn how to create an iPhone app but doesn’t have time during school hours because of other commitments such as sports teams or clubs, he/she can use an AI tutor service to get help after school or during breaks between classes. In addition, these services are available 24/7 through smartphones or computers.


They have peace of mind knowing that their children are getting individualized attention from a qualified tutor who understands their needs and goals. Parents also get to see how much progress their child makes throughout the day so they know how best to help them succeed.

For example, parents can access student’s progress history, test scores, and other relevant data. With AI tutors, they can leave the house knowing that their kids are being taught by a reliable source that will keep them up-to-date with what they need to know for school and beyond.

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What are the Benefits of AI in Online Tutoring?

The rise of AI tutoring systems presents many benefits over traditional methods of teaching students:

1. Scalability

Traditional tutors usually provide one-on-one instruction with only one student at a time. This results in an inefficient use of time and resources when compared to an AI system that can provide personalized learning experiences simultaneously to hundreds or even thousands of students at once.

AI is a technology that can be used to automate processes at scale. Hence, it can be used to scale up education programs as well as scale down costs.

By using eLearning with artificial intelligence platforms, it makes it possible for teachers and students to interact with each other virtually in real-time. This increases productivity and allows more people to benefit from eLearning without having to hire more teachers or build more classrooms.

2. Personalization

AI-driven online tutoring provides personalized instruction by tapping into students’ prior knowledge and interests — both of which vary greatly among learners — as well as their current performance levels.

The system uses this data to determine which concepts need more attention and which skills should be reinforced for each student to achieve mastery over a particular topic.  

As a result, students can work at their own pace while remaining challenged enough to increase their engagement with the material being covered in class or through homework assignments. 

3. Adaptive Learning

Since AI can analyze your progress and adapt its lessons, it will always keep you engaged and focused on what’s important at any given moment in time. Adaptive learning is based on the principle that all students learn at different rates and in different ways.

By using AI-driven online tutoring, educators can customize lessons to meet the specific needs of each student. This helps ensure that every child receives the education they deserve without wasting time or money on inefficient methods. 

4. Measurable Results

With an AI system guiding your lessons, you can easily track how well each student is progressing through different modules and subjects, as well as identify areas where they need additional support or instruction.

AI enables us to measure results objectively because it uses data rather than subjective opinions or guesses for making decisions. The algorithms used by AI are trained on past data and learn from it so that they can make predictions about future events based on what happened before.

This allows us to measure the effectiveness of our educational system much better than before when decisions were made by humans alone who did not have access to all available data points.

5. Real-Time Feedback

AI-driven online tutoring systems offer real-time feedback on student progress so instructors can identify areas where students need additional help or guidance.

This type of feedback is usually provided through an automated assessment system that tracks student progress over time and identifies areas where they may need additional support or individualized attention from an instructor. 

AI can analyze student data in real time to provide intelligent feedback on what needs improvement and how to improve it. Students receive immediate feedback about their mistakes as they make them, allowing them to correct their mistakes faster and avoid repeating them later on.

6. Effective Instruction

Learning machines can track a student’s progress in real-time by analyzing their inputs (e.g., answers) against an objective standard (e.g., the correct answer).

They then use this knowledge to adjust their teaching methods accordingly — whether that means providing more examples or asking more questions — so that students can continue learning effectively.

Students will also be able to gain an understanding of concepts that they would otherwise struggle with due to their lack of familiarity with certain concepts or vocabulary words used in class discussions; this will make it easier for them to succeed in their classes without needing additional help from a teacher or peer tutor outside of class hours.

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Final Note

AI is changing the world — and education is no exception. AI-driven online tutoring systems are already helping millions of students learn better and faster. This model of imparting education can bring a plethora of benefits to students, teachers, and parents.

AI-powered learning platforms are a revolutionary approach that utilizes machine learning to assess the needs of students and provide them with personal tutoring sessions. These AI-enabled solutions provided by Hurix Digital feature simultaneous text and video, making for a highly immersive experience.

Try it today and experience personalized learning with AI.